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Plum eye wash duo 1000ml bottle

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Plum eye fluid 1000ml is used for quick rinsing in case of getting a foreign body into the eye. The solution gently rinses the eye and prevents further contamination. It is necessary to rinse the eye abundantly in the first seconds after the accident, therefore the bottles should be placed as close as possible to the place of potential danger.

PLUM Eye Wash DUO – equipped with a special overlay that holds the eye open and allows simultaneous rinsing of both eyes.

The 1000ml bottle is used when long rinsing is needed and the risk of eye injury is very high. It can be an element of first aid kit equipment or serve as a supplement to the PLUM EYE WASH station fixed to the wall.

Features / Features:

  • Ergonomic tip adapted to the shape of the eye ensures abundant flow of the solution directly over the surface of the eye without unnecessary spillage.
  • The cap protects the mouth of the bottle from dust.
  • Clear instructions for use on the bottle label.
  • Expiration date printed on the label.
  • Sterile product, CE marked in accordance with the regulations on medical equipment.

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