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Full face gas mask 731 S



PN-EN 136:2001

PN-EN148:1 (thread)

Certificate: 21300409

CE Mark


– two-filter body for low breathing resistance,

– adjustable length of the headbands for a better fit,

– unfastened lower headband for easy fastening,

– upper strap in the form of a cradle for comfort,

– easy disassembly for cleaning and disinfection,

– high-resistance silicone for comfort of use

– aerosols with a liquid dispersed phase (mists) for which the TLV is ≥2 mg/m3, provided that the concentration of the dispersed phase does not exceed 30 x TLV.



731 S Gas Mask Full Face

The 731 S full face gas mask is designed for reusable use. Properly applied, it covers the eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Made of light, highly resistant materials, it does not adversely affect the health of the user in any way. The mask ensures comfortable work in all conditions, does not restrict movement and does not limit visibility. It provides maximum protection throughout its lifetime.


The body of the half mask is made of silicone with very high resistance, it easily adapts to the user’s face and provides exceptional comfort of use. A properly designed shape and material ensure tight contact between the half mask and the face. The two-filter body ensures low breathing resistance and good visibility during work.


Through the exhalation valve, the exhaled air is discharged outside. The valve consists of a seat and a diaphragm that opens on exhalation. During inhalation, the diaphragm closes. The inhaled air passes entirely through the filters and absorbers attached to the mask.


Adjustable length of all straps – head cradle for comfortable carrying – easily attached, detachable neck strap – 5-point adjustable harness for easy adjustment and increased comfort.


Combined Filters – Visor – Exhalation Valve – Valve Diaphragms – Visor Protective Film Available


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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

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