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Full face mask Oxyline OxyPro X8 (bayonet) CL2 – silicone

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EN 136:1998 CL2

CE Mark


– large panoramic viewfinder with peripheral vision

– 4-point fastening of the X8 series mask through the head straps ensure perfect sealing

– damage resistant

– easy disassembly for cleaning and disinfection,

– high-resistance silicone for comfort of use


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Oxyline OxyPro X8 full face mask (bayonet) CL2 – silicone

Oxyline OxyPro X8 reusable silicone full face mask. Complies with EN 136:1998 CL2.

Light and super comfortable

The X8 Series Dual Filter Full Face Silicone Mask consists of a body, a large panoramic visor with peripheral vision, two heavy-duty bayonet connectors with inhalation valves and gaskets, and harness straps.

The design of the mask allows it to be completed with elements that remove harmful substances in the form of:

  • aerosols (dust, smoke, fog),
  • vapours and gases,

The relatively low weight of the X8 series mask and double connectors for mounting with purifying elements increase the efficiency of work. The X8 series masks are available in sizes M and L.

Damage resistant

The visor of the X8 series mask is anti-scratch and anti-fog. The panoramic polycarbonate vision visor maximizes the light inside the mask and provides optimal visibility while protecting against impacts. The 4-point fastening of the X8 series mask through the head straps ensure perfect sealing, thanks to which the mask fits the face and does not move.

X8 series full face mask can be used with filters: T-BM P2 R, T-BM A P2 R, T-BM P3 R, T-BM A P3 R, X2000-AG P3 R, capsule filters X793 P3 R , X793C P3 R, X701 A1, X702 A1E1, X703 ABEK1 and X70523 A2P3 R D, X70923 A1E1 P3 R D, X70926 ABEK1 P3 R D.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

M, L


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