MD-3 ADR acid-proof, anti-electrostatic, flame-retardant welding suit


PN-EN 13688:2013-12

PN-EN ISO 11611:2015-11

PN-EN ISO 11612:2015-11

PN-EN 13034+A1:2010 (type 6 and type PB [6] clothing)

EN 1149-5:2009

CE mark


– for the welder

– antistatic

– flame retardant

– acid-proof

– high quality of the materials used

– grammage 350g/m2

– 99% cotton, 1% antistatic thread


81,39 z VAT


Acid-proof, anti-electrostatic, flame-retardant welding suit MD-3 with reflective tapes, certified by own production

We offer a professional MD 3 protective suit, which is certified. Safety coverall is ideal for electronics, petrochemical companies or welder , because it is made of flame-retardant, anti-electrostatic and acid-proof material. The suit we present complies with the EN 1149 standard, which provides good protection in potentially explosive areas (e.g. gas stations, areas with high dust or mixtures gases and vapors) and in the electronics industry.

The antistatic clothing is intended for use in zones 1 and 2 with gas and vapor mixtures of explosion groups II A and II B. Therefore, this MD 3 coverall will be the perfect protection for your worker.

The suit is sewn by our employees, which ensures solid workmanship and a guarantee of quality. The thickness of the material from which it is made is 350gm2.


– 99% cotton,

– 1% antistatic thread.

Made of high-quality materials, which is confirmed by the certificates it meets.


MD 3 coverall meeting many standards and having certificates protects the user against splashes of molten metal (so-called small drops), short-term contact with flame, thermal radiation – including electric arc, minimizes the possibility of electric shock in case of accidental short-term contact with electrical conductors carrying a voltage of up to approximately 100V DC under normal welding conditions. Provides protection against short-term contact with liquid chemicals (diluted acids up to 30% and bases up to 10%).

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