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Proteus waist trousers yellow


EN ISO 13688, EN 13402-1, EN 13402-2, EN 13402-3


– pockets for kneepads on the knees

– belt loops

– double reflective stripes on legs

– pocket elements in a contrasting color


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Proteus yellow waist pants

Proteus Waist Trousers are reflective trousers made of 65% polyester/35% cotton, with a weight of 260 g ⁄m².


  • upper: two zipped pockets sewn in additionally at the waist, two pockets for small tools,
  • lower: on the left leg there is a side sewn-on pocket covered with a flap fastened with velcro, on the right leg there is a double pocket for small tools sewn on,
  •  on the back: two sewn-on, additionally the right one covered with a flap fastened with velcro,

Double and single bartacked seams guarantee durability of the trousers. On the other hand, pockets on the knees allow the use of knee pads to increase the comfort and safety of the user. Double reflective stripes and contrasting pocket elements guarantee excellent visibility and reduce the risk of going unnoticed.

Trousers meet the following standards: EN ISO 13688, EN 13402-1, EN 13402-2, EN 13402-3



170A 164-172 94-106
170B 164-172 106-118
176 172-180 86-98
176A 172-180
176B 172-180 106-118
176C 172-180 118-129
182 176-184 90-102
182A 176-184 98-110
182B 176-184 110-123
182C 176-184 118-135
188 184-192 94-106
188A 184-192 102-114
188B 184-192 114-129
194A 188-196 98-110
194B 188-196 110-123

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Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm

170A, 170B, 176, 176A, 176B, 176C, 182, 182A, 182B, 182C, 188, 188A, 188B, 194A, 194B


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