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VanSolvik Sand Paste



CE Mark


– enhanced potency, thanks to the content of skin-friendly microgranules

– does not contain solvents

– effectively removes many types of dirt

– pleasant, citrus scent


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BHP VanSolvik Sand Paste 500 g

Safety Paste VanSolvik Sand. VAN – SOLVIK soap and sand paste is applied to wet hands, washing them until the dirt is removed. Rinse your hands with water. Repeat washing if necessary. It is used to remove stubborn dirt, such as: greases, paints, varnishes, soot, coal dust, bitumen products, etc. Particularly recommended for use in industry, mining, crafts, etc.


  • perfectly removes stubborn dirt,
  • gentle on hands,
  • neutral pH,
  • contains moisturizing ingredients,
  • economical to use,
  • nice lemon scent,
  • biodegradable,
  • can be stored for a long time without compromising quality,
  • dermatologically tested,

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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