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VIBRATON anti-vibration gloves



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VIBRATON anti-vibration protective gloves

VIBRATON anti-vibration gloves. Made of a unique polymer latex material specially prepared for VIBRATON gloves.

  • combination of terylene and cotton fibers creates a durable and skin-friendly fabric
  • they reduce and damp vibrations generated by tools, thanks to the damping and vibration isolation properties of the glove
  • does not amplify the vibrations transmitted from the tool handle to the operator’s hand
  • they protect hands against low temperature and moisture, i.e. factors that increase the effects of vibrations
  • comfortable to use – they do not cause any difficulties in operating the tool
  • recommended for operators of pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol hammers, vibrating rollers, hand compactors, compactors and compactors, saws for cutting asphalt, as well as employees who manually guide elements in the processes of grinding, smoothing and polishing them
  • compliant with EN10819 (TRM=0.91, TRH=0.59), EN388 (resistance levels: 4 1 4 2 X) and EN420

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

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