Flame-retardant, antistatic welding shirt MD-4


PN-EN 13688:2013-12

PN-EN ISO 11611:2015-11

PN-EN ISO 11612:2015-11

EN 1149-5:2009

CE Mark


– for the welder

– antistatic

– flame retardant

– high quality of the materials used

– grammage 320g/m2

– composition: 99% cotton / 1% antistatic thread

– strong bolts


– welding, petrochemical, automotive, electronic, fuel, gas, mining, food industries.



24,45 z VAT


MD-4 flame retardant antistatic welding shirt

Professional the MD-4 antistatic flame retardant welding shirt is made of cotton with the addition of antistatic thread. It has two chest pockets with flaps. The sweatshirt has reflective tapes that increase the visibility of the employee in difficult conditions. Product durability is ensured by strong bolts used in the clothes. The sweatshirt has a rubber band sewn on the sides to increase freedom of movement and allow for a better fit.

The sweatshirt is made of the highest quality fabric with a weight of 350 g/m2. To ensure electrostatic safety, not only the material but also the cut was used, thanks to which it is possible to discharge electrostatic charges from the clothes.

The sweatshirt is recommended for work in difficult, high-risk conditions, in particular for welders, but also for electricians, mechanics, workers working with high voltage, construction workers. It will also be perfect for employees of the electronics, gas, mining or food industries.

Available in navy blue in all sizes (S-3XL). This version of the sweatshirt is a garment for warm days.

The guarantee of quality and reliability of OHS clothes is provided by our professional employees.

Full composition:

– 99% cotton,

– 1% antistatic thread,

The material from which the MD-4 shirt was made has anti-electrostatic and flame-retardant properties and, what is worth emphasizing, retains them throughout the entire period of use. It is also durable and gives a sense of comfort when wearing it.

The MD-4 flame-retardant, anti-electrostatic welding shirt meets the standards of protective clothing and certificates. It protects workers against static electricity, dissipates electric charge, protects against electric arc and small flame. Minimizes the possibility of electric shock from short-term contact with electrical wires up to approximately 100 VDC under normal welding conditions. The jacket also protects against molten metal splashes (small and large drops). In order to fully meet the requirements of protective clothing, it should be used in a set with protective trousers and boots.


The sweatshirt is dedicated to employees of the following industries: welding, petrochemical, automotive, electronic, fuel, gas, mining, food.

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